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Glass and Mats

Which glass for your art?

With an ever increasing awareness of the effects of light on artwork our customers are choosing glass which offers UV protection. However, we have numerous glazing options designed to showcase and protect your art or prints wherever they’re displayed. Acrylic is also available.

Standard Clear – a perfectly economical solution

If you want to keep it simple this is the glass for you. Standard clear is high quality without the price tag. It is well suited for commercial or large quantities where conservation is not a priority and is the perfect choice for the budget conscious.

Tru Vue Glass – protecting your artwork through the years

Glass that protects from UV – whether inside in a dark corner or next to windows, UV penetrates every corner of your house. Surprisingly UV effects artwork in rooms with few windows. The UV light not only comes from the sun but also from fluorescent and down lights in your room. If you want your colours to last you really must choose UV protective glass. Without it your artwork will become faded and lose definition. This is especially important for certificates and diplomas.

Ultra Vue Glass – clarity and perfection

Ultra Vue Glass is a recent addition to our glass options and offers a virtually invisible and anti-reflective surface for truly amazing, crystal clear clarity. Fine details and bright colours simply pop when placed under Ultra Vue Glass and reflections are nonexistent – you will see detail in your art you never realized was there. Ultra Vue Glass also offers UV protection from both internal and external light sources to stop fading and perfectly preserve your artwork and memories for years to come.

Without Ultra Vue GlassWith Ultra Vue Glass

Museum Glass – ultimate protection and clarity

Muesem Glass is the art world’s industry standard for the ultimate level of protection on fine art and originals. Museum glass offers the highest UV protection levels and takes on a non-reflective and invisible surface to achieve optimal colour transmission and clarity to really bring your artwork to life – Museum glass is recommended for art investment pieces to protect the artwork for life.

Non-Reflective Glass – soft, diffused glass

If reflection is an issue in your home non-reflective glass is a great solution – particularly if you would like a soft look on your artwork. Non-reflective glass is truly lovely on needle work and watercolours – where definition is not such a priority but rather a soft glow is preferable.

Now… where you can be truly creative

Mats – or the colour border used around the art – allow you to really create unique, personalised looks. Every colour under the sun is available to choose from – not to mention a range of materials and effects. Suede, leather, satin and coloured fabrics all provide the opportunity to create a striking effect. Circles, squares, embossed leaves – you name it, there is a multitude of mat variations and designs available.

Cut into any shape you can think of

We are now equipped with the latest in digital mat cutting technology. Our computerised mat cutter allows us to cut any shape with absolute precision and efficiency.

Have you thought about shapes or words in your mat borders? We can even create shapes – such as paw prints, footballs – any shape to suit your art or photo.

And for those wishing to conserve

Direct Framing has sourced the best-of-the-best in conservation mats. Supplied in museum grade with 100% cotton and acid free our mat range will offer only protection for precious heirlooms and prized art. Coupled with the technology to perfectly preserve art you can be sure your irreplaceable items are in good hands for the future.

Let’s create something together.